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The next Fish and Game Commission (FGC) meeting held February 10 & 11 in Sacramento. Items of interest on the posted agenda: 4. Election of Commission President and Vice President 5. Committee Assignments (A) Marine Resources Committee (B) Wildlife Resources Committee (C) Tribal Committee 20. Discussion and update regarding Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director positions, 22. Department informational items (A) Director’s report (B) Wildlife and Fisheries Division, and Ecosystem Conservation Division (C) Law Enforcement Division (D) Marine Region 29. Non-marine items of interest from previous meetings (A) Action on petitions for regulation change received at previous meetings (B) Action on non-regulatory requests received at previous meetings (C) Review outstanding regulatory and non-regulatory requests from 2015 30. Wildlife Resources Committee (A) Work plan development I. Update on work plan and draft timeline II. Discuss and approve new topics III. Update on Predator Policy Workgroup 34. Request for authorization to publish notice of intent to amend waterfowl hunting regulations (Sections 502 and 507, Title 14, CCR) 38. Discuss proposed changes to mammal hunting regulations (Sections 265, et al., Title 14, CCR) 41. Discuss and act on future Commission meeting items (A) Next meetings – March 15, 2016, teleconference; April 13-14, 2016, Santa Rosa; April 18, 2016, teleconference (B) Rulemaking calendar updates (C) New business (D) Other. Commissioner Jack Baylis term ended in January and he has submitted his resignation letter to the Governor. Commissioner Jim Kellogg has resigned effective the end of 2015 even though his appointment expires in 2018. The Commissions 3 remaining members meet the meeting quorum requirements if all are in attendance. The Executive Director Sonke Mastrup of the Commission has also resigned to take a job with the Marine Division of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The personnel changes within the FGC have created uncertainty in the Commissions future work. The Governor appoints the Commissioners, the Commissioners hires the Executive Director.

The next Wildlife Resources meeting was to be held May 18th in Sacramento. No agenda posted at this time. The two Commissioners sitting on this Committee have resigned. New Appointments are on the February agenda under item 5(B).

The 2016 Legislative Cycle will begin January/February. Bills submitted last year that was granted 2 years to complete will have action or defeated. New bills can also be introduced but must be completed this year. Bills to watch: and current positions. AB499 Cooley, amend Fish and Game Code 4370, archery season in regards to Concealed firearms permit holders. To meet legislative deadline, AB 499 must be heard in Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee by April 22nd

AB290 Bigelow, amend Fish and Game Code 3953, Big Game Account related to pigs. At their October 8th meeting, the California Fish and Game Commission made it clear that they have no intention at this time to make any changes to current wild pig regulations. As such, expect activity on AB 290 to ramp up immediately after the New Year. To remain viable in the second year of the two-year Session, AB 290 will have to be heard in Assembly Policy Committee by January 15th. In the meantime, Gaines & Associates is working closely with Assembly Member Bigelow and his staff this fall to address the concerns of our clients. AB665 Frazier, amend Fish and Game Code 203.1 and add sections 200.5 & 200.6, clarifies authority to Fish and Game Commission on Hunting and Fishing. To meet legislative deadline, AB 665 must be heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee and passed to the Floor by January 22nd. AB395 Gallagher, amend Fish and Game Code 3004.5, Lead ammunition, eliminate phase in wording. AB 395 will have to be heard in Assembly Policy Committee by January 15th to remain viable in 2016. CBHSAA lobbyist, Bill Gaines through his special reports will keep us informed on the above bills and any that may be modified later. His Special Reports will be posted on the CBHSAA website under legislative link and distributed to legislative reps that I have email addresses for.